Sweetgrass Jacob Sheep

Sweetgrass is a 40 acre farm located between Lansing and Saint Johns, in central lower Michigan. We are Peg Bostwick and Joe Bohr - and our now college-age children Jamie and Dan who have grown up with the sheep. We have been raising Jacobs since 1987, when we purchased our first Jacob, and our first sheep! --- at the American Minor Breeds Conservancy show and sale in Centreville, Michigan.

From the beginning, we have had dual goals of conservation breeding and producing desirable handspinning wool. To us, that means preserving the American Jacob as a hardy, self-sufficient heritage breed without altering its original breed characteristics, while selecting for high quality, useful fleeces. Sound conformation, breed character, mothering ability, and a pleasant temperament are all important to us. And we think that we have been able to achieve those goals while producing fleece that pleases our wool customers.

Our Jacobs have brought us a third, somewhat unexpected bonus. We have made many wonderful friends across the country among the community of Jacob breeders – a group of people as diverse as the breed itself, but unified in their commitment to the effective stewardship of this one special group of animals. We truly enjoy sharing photos and stories of day to day shepherding. You will find links to some of these breeders and to the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association elsewhere in this web site, and hope that you will feel free to contact either us, at peg@sweetgrass-jacobs.com, or another breeder should you have questions about the Jacob breed.

We first learned about Jacobs from seeing them at the old Fiberfest when it was still held in Michigan, and have shown our own Jacobs at a limited number of events to give those attending an opportunity to see this breed. Our daughter, Jamie, was active in 4-H when she was younger, and for several years it was a common occurrence to see her wandering the grounds of our county 4-H Fair with a big Jacob ram on a lead. Jacob Fleece

We sell wool each year at the Michigan Fiber Festival, and are pleased when customers return to ask for their favorite fleeces by name. Fiber Festival also provides an opportunity to show spinners the variety of fleece types that occur in our flock – from straighter and more “primitive” fleeces typical of some of the old lines, to finer and more crimpy fleeces found in other sheep.

Sweetgrass Suzy and Ewe Lambs

It is our pleasure to place high quality rams and ewes with others who are interested in breeding Jacobs, regardless of the size of your flock. We normally have breeding stock for sale from our farm, including lambs, yearling ewes – often sold bred - and some mature rams. Please see our sale pages for lambs and adults that are currently available.

Visitors are always welcome. We enjoy comparing notes with other breeders, or giving a new breeder a chance to see our animals. If you would like to stop by, give us a call at 517-626-6981, or email us.